Studying, policy-making, planning and monitoring the implementation of caring network programs and forecasting system and combating general pests and controlling damaging factors.

Planning and monitoring the implementation of chemical, non-chemical and biological control programs to prevent pest damage.

Planning and monitoring the development program of new methods in non-chemical and biological control- Studying and evaluation of the effectiveness of different methods of pest control.

Monitoring the proper implementation of notified programs and evaluating the results of the program’s performance.

Reviewing the plans and suggestions received from the regions and compiling the required functional plans and supervising their proper implementation.

Developing criteria for monitoring the performance of pesticide laboratories in terms of their compliance with national and technical standards.

Policy-making and planning of spraying fleet and their appropriate arrangement as needed.

Reviewing and introduction of technology and new scientific advances in the field of application of spraying equipment.

Evaluating and developing appropriate models using information technology based systems to predict plant pests and diseases.

Creating inter-provincial information network and international communications to determine fluctuations in the distribution and population of pests, diseases and weeds.

Studying, policy-making, planning and supervision of production and application of biological materials and agents.

Planning and supervising the implementation of research and executive projects, in the field of pest and disease control and efficiency of methods, and the application of planning factors and supervision of private pest management and providing guidelines for control, and evaluating the obtained results to improve methods and improve their efficiency
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